Johnny Folk Her NFT - Summer Rain Background

Johnny Folk Hero

A Solana Collection Spreading Love, Peace, Happiness & Positivity


The Final Chapter of the Lost Skulls of Tyger Journey

Johnny Folk Hero Original Art Johnny Love
Johnny Folk Hero

... A Hero Emerges.

On the brink of chaos, a vile infection of negativity, greed, hatred and fear has corrupted the spirit of humanity.

A renaissance of character emerges from the darkness, a legend re-born; a hero who walks tall in stride carrying with him . . . hope.

With a pep in his step and an eager heart, Johnny Folk Hero casts out his arm, spreading seeds of peace, love, happiness and positivity across the land.


His hope is that each seed will grow, entangling itself into the hearts and minds of those in need; creating a life of beauty and serenity.


Telling the Tale

Each Johnny Folk Hero NFT Will Tell A Unique Story.

Using art & metadata, every outcome will have a defined setting & action creating a one-of-a-kind story.

How does it work?

How does it work? Is it Magic?

Each piece of art has a collection of traits that will determine the what, where, & when of the story.  Not quite magic, but just as wonderful!


 Let's look at this Johnny Folk Hero as an example. 

Johnny wears his pot hat as he walks the City Streets spreading Happiness on a Rainy Winter Night in the light of a 1st Quarter Moon.

There are a number of traits that will tell the story of your Johnny Folk Hero.  The following are the primary story telling traits in the collection.

Background - Season & Weather
Foreground - Location & Time
Bag Patch 
- What he is Spreading

Storm BG.png

Johnny Folk Hero
Art Test Results

These are early test samples, some traits have been updated & new parameters have been set.

Live Art Creation

Join Artist Tyler McNair on Twitch as he progresses through the art for the Johnny Folk Hero NFT Collection.

Wednesdays @ 1:45pm cdt

Sundays @ 10:00pm cdt

Dog Drawing

nft detail

The Final Chapter of The Lost Skulls of Tyger NFT Journey 

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Johnny Folk Hero walking on train tracks with his dog

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Johnny Folk Hero wearing a pot hat

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Johnny Love

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Johnny Folk Hero walking at night

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Legendary Folk Heroes

A collection of the rarest renditions of Johnny spreading peace, love, happiness & positivity.

Anyone who mints a Legendary Johnny Folk Hero NFT can claim the Skull of Diamond through Skull of Tyger.


Original Artwork

Johnny Love

Showcased at the Emy Frentz Gallery

date: 2017

medium: Digital Painting - Adobe Photoshop

A re-purpose of the American Folk Hero, Johnny Appleseed.  Instead of apples, he spreads love across a politically and socially divided nation.  Heroes rise when dark times fall.  Go now, give love to all, be the hero we need.




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