Johnny Folk Her NFT - Summer Rain Background

Johnny Folk Hero

A Solana Collection Spreading Love, Peace, Happiness & Positivity


The Final Chapter of the Lost Skulls of Tyger Journey

Johnny Folk Hero Original Art Johnny Love
Johnny Folk Hero

... A Hero Emerges.

On the brink of chaos, a vile infection of negativity, greed, hatred and fear has corrupted the spirit of humanity.

A renaissance of character emerges from the darkness, a legend re-born; a hero who walks tall in stride carrying with him . . . hope.

With a pep in his step and an eager heart, Johnny Folk Hero casts out his arm, spreading seeds of peace, love, happiness and positivity across the land.


His hope is that each seed will grow, entangling itself into the hearts and minds of those in need; creating a life of beauty and serenity.


Telling the Tale

Each Johnny Folk Hero NFT Will Tell A Unique Story.

Using art & metadata, every outcome will tell a tale true to your Johnny Folk Hero!

How does it work? Is it Magic?

  • Each piece of art has over 50 potential metadata traits that will determine the appearance of the art.

  • 9 of those traits will alter the story that is told by each Johnny Folk Hero NFT.

  • Each Johnny Folk Hero will have a unique description that is altered by the metadata.

Not quite magic, but just as wonderful!

Story Traits

These impact how your story is told.

  • Season

  • Weather

  • Foreground

  • Time-of-Day

  • Hat

  • Hat Color

  • Seed

  • Bird on Shoulder

  • Dog

Here is one of the many tales of Johnny Folk Hero on his quest.


What will your story be?

Storm BG.png

Johnny Folk Hero
Art Test Results

These are early test samples, some traits have been updated & new parameters have been set.

Live Art Community Creations

Get the chance to choose a new trait or even win the art as a Solana NFT!

Wednesdays @ 11:00am central

Saturdays @ 10:00pm central

Dog Drawing

Must be a Skull of Tyger Discord member to win.

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