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Scottsbluff Monument - photo by Tyler McNair


I'm glad you have found yourself here, because I have yet to... find myself I mean.  A work in progress, as I spend my days mindfully attempting to "adult."  Identity confidence is a struggle when balancing dreams and reality, especially while riding the mental health roller coaster.  Positive mantras are supposed to help instill belief and love in yourself, so I am writing the following to give myself confidence and belief in who I am as an artist.

Artist's Identity Mantra

I am an illustrator.

I am a photographer.

I am not limited to a medium.

I have happiness to share,

I have love to give,

and way too many ideas.

I will help others.

I will stay humble.

I will produce art that speaks of my soul;

what it fears, what it weeps, what it craves.

I will always work to improve my craft,

to promote others,

to cherish the earth,

to provide hospitality,

to take time for family.

I am smart,

I am strong,

I am confident,

I am an Artist.

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Toxic Stroll - a quick pencil, ink, and paper sketch of a person walking in a hasmat suit